так легко.
It seems like everything is fine, ive got a job that i was looking for, hopefully i did good on my exams, friends are next to me and i know that i can rely on them. BUT the always something that kills me inside. After 3 months of talking 'why he did this?'..' how his girlfriend reacted on what happened between him and me?'.. 'what i suppose to do next?'
I havent metioned his name to anyone for about week and havent check his profile, and today i thought to look at his photos and see how i will feel. It didnt last long, after fifth photo, i had a funny feeling in the stomach and i closed facebook! mission failed. Ill try again a bit later, maybe after 2 weeks and i hope ill look at his photos and feel nothing!

The funniest part in this story that i cant let it go! and i havent got a clue how he feels about it. This silence from him kills me. On thursday I wil go out and i hope that i will not see him.