так легко.
In my life I was lucky enough to be loved at very young age, I was very and dearly loved when I was 20. He loved me like Im scared no one will ever love me.
He adored the way I walk, he adored the way I eat, the way I smell, talk or laugh.
He loved the colour of my eyes, the lenght of my hair, size of my legs, even my imperfections just for him was just perfections. I honestly dont know what he didnt love about me, maybe cigarattes just because cigarettes could potentially make me live less.
He loved me enough to tell me that he would marry me, he would happy for our kids to look like me,he loved me as much as one boy could love a girl. It scared me but I also loved to be loved.

I hope he will love someone as much as he loved me again, and maybe a little bit more if its physically possible. I hope his kids will as cute as our kids could be. I hope his wife will be sweet and good cook, but mostly I hope that his wife will love him with all of her heart becuase he deserves to be loved so much.